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miliary tuberculosis的解釋是:粟粒性結核… 同時,該頁為英語學習者提供:miliary tuberculosis的中文翻譯,英英詳解,單詞音標,在線發音,例句等。
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瀰漫性泛細支氣管炎(英語: Diffuse panbronchiolitis,縮寫: DPB )是一種未知成因的炎性 肺病。它是一種嚴重的進行性 細支氣管炎 ( 英語 : bronchiolitis ),而細支氣管炎就是指細支氣管(肺部內細小的空氣管道)出現發炎癥狀。 病癥名稱中的“瀰漫性”指的是兩個肺部到處都是 病灶 …
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TY – JOUR T1 – 嚴重之粟粒狀肺結核合併巨細胞病毒感染:一病例報告 AU – Su, Szu Huei AU – Yu, Wen-Liang PY – 2013 Y1 – 2013 N2 – 據統計重癥病人巨細胞病毒感染發生率為0-36%,且通常發生於入住加護病房後4至12天之間。研究指出重癥病人巨細胞病毒
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WHO guidelines on tuberculosis: guidelines approved by the Guidelines Review Committee are of a high methodological quality and are developed through a transparent, evidence-based decision-making process. When autocomplete results are available use up and
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miliary (comparative more miliary, superlative most miliary) Of or pertaining to millet seeds. Having small lesions that are the shape and size of millet seeds. a miliary eruption a miliary fever Small and numerous. the miliary tubercles of Echini Derived terms []
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Definition of miliary tuberculosis in English Dictionary Существительное (Noun) PL miliary tuberculoses SUF-osis (pathology) A form of tuberculosis that is characterized by a wide dissemination into the human body and by the tiny size of the lesions (1-5 mm).
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This tuberculosis vaccine is seldom used in the United States but is widely used in countries with high TB infection rates. False-negative results may occur in certain populations — including children, older people and people with AIDS — who sometimes don’t respond to the TB skin test.
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21/10/2011 · Primary vs Secondary Tuberculosis Tuberculosis or TB is caused by the bacterial group mycobacterium. It is mainly a respiratory tract infection, but can act as an opportunistic infection and a systemic infection in times of reduced or absent immunity. The
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Miliary tuberculosis occurred after immunosuppressive drug in PNH patient with completely cured tuberculosis; a case report | Annals of Clinical ...

Miliary tuberculosis occurred after immunosuppressive drug in PNH patient with completely cured tuberculosis; a case report | Annals of Clinical ...

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