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Herschel was the largest space telescope of its kind; its 3.5 m-diameter mirror collected long-wavelength infrared radiation from some of the coolest and most distant objects in the Universe. During its mission, Herschel was the only space observatory that covered
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ESA Science & Technology
The European Space Agency’s Herschel Space Observatory (formerly called Far Infrared and Sub-millimetre Telescope or FIRST) flew the largest single mirror ever built for a space telescope. At 3.5-metres in diameter the mirror collected long-wavelength radiation
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Herschel, Saskatchewan
Herschel is a special service area[5] in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is the seat of the Rural Municipality of Mountain View No. 318 and held village status prior to December 31, 2006.[6] The population was 30 people in 2016. The community is located 37 km northwest of the town of Rosetown at the intersection of Highway 31 and
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