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中文 bypass [sth], by-pass ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object–for example, “Say something.” “She found the cat.” (go around) 繞過 rào guò 越過 yuè guò The truck driver bypassed the small towns in order to arrive quicker
Gastric bypass orogastric calibration tube - MIDCAL™ - MID - Medical Innovation Developpement
偏鋒英文詞庫,為您提供bypass的中文意思,bypass的用法講解,bypass的例句等英語服務。 n. 搭橋術;旁道;旁通管 v. 繞過;避開;不顧(規章制度);不請示 網絡 旁路;繞道;回避 變形: 復數:bypasses 過去分詞:bypassed 現在分詞:bypassing
Surgery for coronary artery bypass grafting: cabg.
出處/學術領域 中文詞彙 英文詞彙 學術名詞 內分泌學名詞 旁路 bypass 學術名詞 畜牧學 旁路 bypass ; bypath; byepass 學術名詞 核能名詞 旁路 bypass 學術名詞 食品科技 旁路 bypath,by(e)pass 學術名詞 食品科技 旁路 bypass,bypath,byepass
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gastric bypass中文的意思,翻譯及用法:胃繞道手術;胃旁路術。英漢詞典提供【gastric bypass】的詳盡中文翻譯,用法,例句等 英語釋義 1. a surgical bypass operation that typically involves reducing the size of the stomach and reconnecting the smaller
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bypass valve
bypass valve 旁通閥;旁路閥 以 旁路閥 進行詞彙精確檢索結果 出處/學術領域 中文 詞彙 英文詞彙 學術名詞 物理化學儀器設備名詞 旁路閥 bypass valve 引用網址: / 78 筆 « » 推文 評分 評分 相關 詞彙 詞彙 建議 學術名詞
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Bypass definition is – a passage to one side; especially : a deflected route usually around a town. How to use bypass in a sentence. Noun The bridge is being rebuilt so we’ll have to take the bypass. Verb To bypass the city, take the highway that circles it. Is there a
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Bypass (road)
A bypass is a road or highway that avoids or “bypasses” a built-up area, town, or village, to let through traffic flow without interference from local traffic, to reduce congestion in the built-up area, and to improve road safety. A bypass specifically designated for trucks may be called a truck route. If there are no strong land use controls
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